Busting the Peadophile Network in Our Own Political System

Busting the Peadophile Network in Our Own Political System

By Rod Culleton’s Great Australian Party

Busting the peadophioe network in our own political system. Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament on the 19th of October 2015, that he had a police document that lists 28 prominent people that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges that are suspected of being pedophiles. That’s still hidden under suppression orders.

And this new revelation of evil? Former Liberal staffer, John Kenny, serial paedo brainwashed 13yo girl into ‘cyber sex slave’

A serial paedophile, who once served as a councillor and Liberal staffer, has been jailed after brainwashing a 13-year-old into being his “sex slave” using 60,000 depraved messages.

Here’s what others had to say:

Richard Stewart
That was old Jonny Howard that hid all that.. goes the show who’s in it..

Trent Cooper
A lot of arrests lately, keep it rolling!

Peter Hughes
The American CIA have a very much longer list of Australian Elite Paedophiles … not 1 former P.M try 5 former P.M Paedophiles ALL NAMED along with other Politicians Judges Lawyers High ranking Police Celebrities … and much more

Yvonne Allen
Seen the list, no wonder (Mr Sheen) Johnny Howard put the suppression order on it, as far as I’m concerned he is as guilty as the ones he has protected

Jodie Michelle
The swamp is wide and deep that is for sure. Disgusting ?. The fact that suppression order was put in place is evidence itself that there is much to hide – and a former PM listed in the 28 – it needs to be lifted to expose them all.

Maree Whitty
Yes ! These Suppression Orders must be lifted and every pedophile in parliament exposed. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Murray Hanifin
This is crazy we know who they are but do nothing about it. There like catholic priests being protected. If someone’s protecting them. That person has something to hide. They must be protecting them selves to

Wendy Allen
I hope that these suppression orders are lifted before little Johnny Howard shuffles off this mortal coil so we can see which of his mates he was protecting.

Belinda Repton
Filth that deserve everything they have coming. Including the pm that put the 90!year suppression order on it.

Ronnie James
Take a look at “Kangaroo Court of Australia”. Shane Dowling has articles about about politicians, judges, magistrates etc. Paedophiles and outright corruption in every State & Federal Government.

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/796812177191622/posts/1498802113659288

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