Cat Got Your Tongue? Silenced by AHPRA

Cat Got Your Tongue? Silenced by AHPRA

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Drew Rendall
We are living the dream Nth Korea how good is life

Billy O’Connell
This woman is noble and under threat of her livelihood and more. Respect to her..

Mary-Rose Wilson
The government tells us to get advice from our doctor; whether getting the shot is right for us or not but then these doctors are not allowed to speak against giving the shot. This censorship and placing these medical practitioners in such a difficult position, is nothing short of bs. We get told to see our dr and all they are allowed to do is to speak for the shot; despite whether they think it is safe or not or even believe it is not safe. Absolutely criminal! Fancy placing our medics in that position! I see why she is reluctant to speak but at least we are getting a clearer picture now.

Andrea Crawford
Now I’m less comforted by the guidance to ‘go talk to the GP you trust’ knowing they can’t really give their own opinion.

Occy L Cardigan
This is just absolutely bonkers. By stifling debate around these experimental , could contribute to the greatest error in malpractice in history . What has the world come to? So afraid of discussion and disagreeing voices?

Paula Dudman
Absolutely bloody disgraceful ! Shame on Aphra

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