Chaos in Melbourne – 21.08.21

Chaos in Melbourne – 21.08.21

By Melbourne National Review

Chaos on the streets of Melbourne today as clashes broke out between police officers & Victorians marching in opposition to Daniel Andrews and ongoing lockdowns.

The otherwise peaceful march through the city was marred by an escalation of violence when police attempted to block people in front of Parliament House. From that moment there was tension in the air, leading to a clash in front of Flinders Street Station where police deployed guns with rubber pellets and fired into the crowd as some protesters threw projectiles and flares towards the police.

It is possible that many of these clashes could have been avoided, as the aggressive police actions did not stop the protesters from marching elsewhere in the city.

Here’s what others had to say:

Stephen Robinson
Craig Kelly MP, has called for the immediate sacking of whoever authorised the shooting of innocent civilians by police .Let’s see if this happens.

Xavier Willis
“When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

Auditing Australia Group
For the 20 or so that charged the police line l respect you all

Jolly Swagman
Rukshan, I cannot thank you enough for putting yourself in harms way with all the brave protestors. Shooting projectiles into a crowd, i think we have witnessed a tipping point.

Thanks for all the Australian people ,standing up for all of our rights , and you too for showing us what’s actually going on

Tom W
Funny when real fascist tyranny shows up the anti-fascists are nowhere to be seen

assaf naor
Rubber bullets mate and they can maim and kill also.Disgusting.
This is criminal.

Mcowan Paul
To all the people that were there . I’m so proud of you . Thank u

By doing what they’re doing to the people they will end up waking more and more up .

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