China Has Called Our Australian Prime Minister “Ignorant and Ill Informed“


China Has Called Our Australian Prime Minister “Ignorant and Ill Informed“

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

China has called our Australian Prime Minister “ignorant and ill informed“ Perhaps that is because he is.
He and Australia are simply loud mouth lapdogs, for the Globalists. The West is hardly a democracy, but an oligarchy of rich extreme left wing nut case psychopathic billionaire elites, whose power is crumbling. The fall of the cabal.
Australia needs new leadership, a new political Reset, including the dumping of the Globalists, & its puppet Biden Regime, & to move to be a part of the BRICs nations.
It needs to improve its relationship with both Russia & China, stop interfering in China
and Taiwan’s business. If China supplied weapons to Tasmania, & continually provoked it to become independent of Australia, we too would have issues.
Who really runs Australia, as it’s clear Anthony Albanese doesn’t.
We could say the US does, but that would mean puppet Joe Biden does, but we know he can’t even ride a bicycle.
So let’s not pretend the West is a democracy. Who dictates to the US? The oligarchs do.

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