Christopher Pyne Allegations

Christopher Pyne Allegations



Former defence minister, is alleged to have brought male prostitutes into parliament house for sex. If true, this could have compromised national security. The following is leaked from an official investigation:

Alleged Event / Issue:

Alleged procurement of male escort/sex worker and facilitating sexual intercourse and/or interactions in APH

Persons Involved:

Mr Winn, Mr Pyne MP, Mr Newbury MP, Mr Farmer


Mr Pyne MP had staffers assist in the procurement of male escorts or sex workers that were arranged to attend APH for the purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse and/or interactions.

This was initially coordinated and facilitated by Mr Newbury MP while working for Mr Pyne MP and then the coordination of arrangements was undertaken by Mr Winn from around 2015 (this included messaging Mr Farmer to arrange encounters and signing him into – as well as accompanying him – through APH).

More on sexual compromise of politicians:


Original Source:

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