Class Action Against Andrews, Sutton and Others

Class Action Against Andrews, Sutton and Others

By Australian National Review

We have instructions to commence a class action against Daniel Andrews, Brett Sutton, Jenny Mikakos, the Victorian Government and other individuals to sue for unspecified damages arising out of the directions and orders placed on the good people of Victoria.
This action will be filed in the Supreme Court of Victoria.
The lead plaintiffs at this time are Mr Viktor Grujic (a UFC fighter who appeared on the reality tv show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’), another gentleman sole trader who operates a fishing and tackle shop in metropolitan Melbourne and Mr Paul Lay from regional Victoria.
The lockdown restrictions and directions have caused many small businesses and sole traders to permanently close and are pushing people to the brink of bankruptcy. We know that there are millions of Victorian people struggling right now.
This class action is for you, the good people of Victoria.
Daniel Andrews, Brett Sutton and Jenny Mikakos will be named as individual defendants in the proceedings. We will allege that they are personally liable as a result of their individual actions going well and truly beyond their respective powers.
Nathan Buckley, Partner of G&B Lawyers is the promoter of this class action.
Monies raised will be used to fund the legal costs and disbursements of the proceedings.

Here’s what others had to say:

Joanne Gillin
How can the prime minister say there will be no mandatory vaccinations then this premier force people into doing just that. Who is running this country its certainly doesn’t seem to be the prime minister?

Francesco Mastrangelo
I donated because I thought that the Nazis were judged in the Nuremberg trial at the end of World War 2 but end that was the end of them, but they’re still around and they still deserved to be judged for crimes against humanity, in this case for crimes against the people of Victoria.

Matt Zerno
It pains me to see the pain and suffering Daniel Andrews and Brett Sutton have brought to my home of Melbourne. The worlds most liveable city has been reduced to a shell of its former self.

Bradley Boote
These filthy grubs need to be stopped from ruining people’s lives, any more than they already have..

Emmett Higgins
I donate because daniel andrews is a power hungry psycho who should be in prison not parliament.

Natalie Desiere
I am about to loose everything for my simple religious belief, job, house, friends, human rights and even my life due to this mandation in Victoria Australia.

Richard Lloyd
The Andrews Government is unlawful. It has falsely declared a state of emergency without justification and exceeded its lawful authority. Mandatory vaccinations is abhorrent to freedom. Lockdowns are unwarranted, ineffective and abject limitation of constitutional rights. It is imperative that gross abuse of power is held to account and the full extent of the law is exercised in the light of the sheer number of individuals who have been harmed by the actions of this pretended government.

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