Close to $100 Billion in Pandemic Relief Funds Are Missing


Close to $100 Billion in Pandemic Relief Funds Are Missing

By Rebel News

Close to $100 billion in pandemic relief funds are missing.⁠

Here’s what others had to say:

Wonder how many billions have been misappropriated in Canada by our dictator

Look in politicians pockets… They’ve been doing these things for years.. No money will ever be found.

I’m still waiting to hear about the 2 trillion that went missing before 9/11

It probably went missing for our safety

Nothing to see here… I mean, it’s how they revive their bonuses for all their hard work, lol.

People think it’s just the Democrats. It’s BOTH parties.

Gee whiz I wonder how that could have happened? Democrats? Liberals?

We already know Newscum, and many others took out PPP loans, when their businesses were open. In fact, Newscum made $500k more than usual since he was the only restaurant opened in Napa during the lockdowns. Senators should not be allowed to trade, or own a business. This sole duty is to work for the American people, not use our money for gain. Pelosi is notorious for it as well.

They aren’t missing. They’re in politicians’ hidden bank accounts.

So not only has this been about control, it’s also a giant money laundering scheme….who could have seen that coming.

Spunds a lot like the trillions That went missing right before 9/11. Never actually got an answer to that either.

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