Cov-Cops Busted Conspiring To Lay ‘Trumped-Up’ Charges

Cov-Cops Busted Conspiring To Lay ‘Trumped-Up’ Charges

By Sydney National Review

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Cops turning on the people is a very dangerous line to cross.

field register
This is immediately sackable. All these officers conspiring here MUST be charged and tried in court. Disgraceful.

Martyn Romaine
Hope marty takes this to a lawyer.. this is something MSM would never show and why i never watch MSM

De Cuevas
Good. The whole world is going to be like this if you don’t fight from usa. God bless you and us all

Ian Kenyon
This isn’t the Oz I grew up in. Shameful.

Kane Naysmith
As a proud Australian, I am embarrassed by our government and our Police.

“State of emergency” police: yes we can do wat we’ve illegally been doing for years legally now woohoo

I’m glad you picked up this story on Marty, he’s deserves more exposure, he’s a legend exposing VictoriaPolice corruption

luke jones
this is getting pretty worrying, shame on the msm for sitting quiet on this stuff. they don’t care about us.

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