Dear Joe Biden: Who the Hell Do You Think You’re Talking To?

Dear Joe Biden: Who the Hell Do You Think You’re Talking To?

By Bongino Report

“His patience is wearing thin? Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” – Dan Bongino to Joe Biden

Here’s what others had to say:

Teresa Janowski
he is everything the media said Trump was…

Kevin Mooney
His job is to protect all Americans. He did such a great job with Afghanistan ???

Candace Rubyor
a true tyrant. not my president, I dont trust a word he says

June Pauley
What about the illegal immigrants old Joe is bringing in and shipping all over the country. They aren’t even required to take a COVID test or wear their precious masks.

Ray Joann Gilmore
Boy he just threatened Americans he done messed up. Lol fu&$ Biden.

Ellise Peake
We are IMPATIENT with YOU JOE! Let’s Go Brandon!

Melissa Adams Buerster
Screw that old codger! who the hell does he think he’s talking to… My patient has worn thin from your damn moronic administration!

Adele Lopez
Biden it is you open borders and not being checked for the virus and not being checking background

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