Do Not Comply With VaxPass. United Non-Compliance Is All We Have

Do Not Comply With VaxPass. United Non-Compliance Is All We Have

I’m seeing various news reports to the effect that governments which have insisted they would never introduce vaccine passports are in fact planning to do so

Here’s my take.

I’m not surprised.

It’s far better for mental health & personal resilience if we just face up to the fact that this isn’t under the control of our government.

All governments suffered a technocratic coup d’etat at the same time last spring.

It probably didn’t feel like a coup, but it was, when each country’s equivalent of SAGE said “look: you need to follow the science or we will all be doomed”.

Since March 2020, I’ve seen nothing from almost anywhere that discords with the idea that unelected, unaccountable individuals are driving the bulk of the important events, almost everywhere.

In light of that possibility, there’s no point in lobbying government. They don’t have the freeboard to do other than follow their script (the power over them might be threats, or bribes, or even beliefs, but they’re no longer autonomous in important ways).

So they’ll continue pushing dangerous vaccines.
Lockdowns are inevitable.
More fear porn, censorship.
Vaccine passports will be introduced.
That is the moment where our entire civilisation chooses.

If we comply, and permit VaxPass to regulate access to food, we are under totalitarian tyranny from which no escape is possible.
To disengage afterwards means starvation.
If you’re skeptical, run the thought experiment.

I expect deliberate food shortages at some point because that gives the excuse for rationing. Then you can’t have a 3rd party food shop for you, because I predict a ratio will be linked to a valid VaxPass.
Not all at once. Just restrictions at the margin initially, to get us used to it.

Do not comply with VaxPass.

United non-compliance is all we have.
I urge you to persuade others of the danger that is VaxPass regulated access to food, especially if rationing is introduced.

Even if you think I’m wrong, please allow a little mental space to see if events match that trajectory or not.

I ask because, if I am correct, and only later is this appreciated, it may be too late.

On the other hand, if I’m wrong & you’ve prepared a little, it’s a pleasant upside!

Best wishes

Dr. Mike Yeadon
Former VP and Chief Science Officer – Pfizer
(For 16 years)

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