Edward Snowden: The Worst Conspiracies Are Hiding in Plain Sight

Edward Snowden: The Worst Conspiracies Are Hiding in Plain Sight

By Take Back Australia

This video on conspiracy theories and Edward Snowden…what do you think?

Here’s what others had to say:

Gerard Haran
How On earth did Russell Brand and Joe Rogan become the two most trustworthy journalists in the world?!

Kate May
I find it all so confusing. All I know is that so much is hidden from us and Noam Chomsky has been spot on for years. I trust Edward Snowden, I don’t trust the system. Like you I don’t understand the savings issue. I will listen to this in full on Luminary ( which is superb and great value indeed ) very soon.

John Pulkinen
That tree of power needs to be felled and it’s roots burnt to ashes!!

Ivana Dimitrijevic Robertson
Thank you for another message of optimism. There’s no shortage of evidence that many conspiracies are real and have a huge impact on everyone, yet the eyes cannot see what the indoctrinated mind refuses to accept. Surely if there really was evidence it would be on the news, right?

Roxanne Steier
Thank you for staying focused on the REAL issues and offering positive thoughts for change that is GOOD rather than negativity that drags humanity down.

Susan Hojdik
Excellent episode. This is the best explanation, so far of what is actually happening. Yes, the monstrous power of those who wish to rule the world would crush singular people like ants on a sidewalk. Only when people recognize and agree to combine and push back can their merciless progression have the brakes put on it. Even They must be forced to realize that the world can Not function properly without balance.

Original Source: https://takebackaustralia.org/edward-snowden-the-worst-conspiracies-are-hiding-in-plain-sight/

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