Email to the Hon. Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business

Email to the Hon. Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business

By Australian National Review

I had to email the below to the Hon. Stuart Robert MP via the email, as the long and extremely difficult manner they provide for is too time consuming (uploading etc).  Please send and email, feel free to copy mine below and email if you agree with my point of view.

To the Hon. Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business.

Firstly, I am surprised at the lack of education, notification, and public awareness of the existence of this digital identity legislation.   The fact that it is being instigated without a public referendum is unconstitutional and is without adequate consultation with the peoples of Australia, therefore it should not reach stage 3.

As an Australian Citizen and Taxpayer, I do not agree or consent to this identity legislation as we currently have a perfectly suitable means of identity in the form of an Australian Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate and Passport. This new Digital identity legislation you are considering passing will be extremely restrictive, invasive and intrusive of our personal and legal rights to certain elements of privacy and maybe restrictive to the procurement of goods and services in the short and long term under certain provisions of the proposed legislation.

I am extremely concerned at the level of the overreach and invasive change being enacted upon decent, hard-working Australians like myself and the good people of this Country.  The State Covid Laws being passed are in themselves an overreach and are coercive and have created unnecessary segregation of our society and now this Digital identity legislation can only lead to a more negative culture in this once democratic and free society.

Our freedoms are almost completely diminished and this is an attempt to put the nail in the coffin for the good people of this Country.   My Grandfather helped pioneer and build up this Country with his blood, sweat and tears, quite literally, whilst bureaucratic momentum is quickly eroding the very fabric of our forefathers hard work and what our Anzacs fought so dearly to protect.

Do we really want to follow China down this road of communistic and digitalised control?  Is this really necessary?  NO, it isn’t. This move is extremely concerning to our current and future way of life.

It’s not too late to preserve and save this great nation of ours, but it starts with you Mr. Robert.  Please think carefully of what this will mean for our future generation of young Australians. If you have Children, Grandchildren, Little Nephews or Nieces, if you love them and want them to have a safe, free and secure future, I implore you, don’t go down this treacherous road.  It can only mean our digital enslavement and you know this to be true.  Whatever you have been promised on the other side of succeeding this legislation, it’s not worth it.

I never imagined that all of this would come to fruition in my lifetime, but since it has, I feel the need to speak up whilst I still have a voice and a vote.  This is not what I voted for, no Australians did.    Anyone who agrees to this legislation, will simply not be aware or have true understanding of it’s absolute encroachment of their freedoms and democratic way of life.
Please halt this legislation with consideration to the protections provided within 94H of the Privacy act and also within provisions of Australian Consumer Law.  People must be given unhindered access to the provision of all services and the Digital identity legislation should not be mandatory or binding upon any Australian Citizen or person residing in Australia if they do not give personal consent to it.  Anything outside of this is both discriminatory and potentially breaches our inalienable rights under the constitutional guarantee.

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