Fight Back Against Deadly Government Propaganda

Fight Back Against Deadly Government Propaganda

By Staff Reporter

There has been a groundswell of people wanting to assist the AVN in its mission to share information and support among our community and further. Especially now that we see the direction our governments are taking towards total control and tyranny, many want to do what they can to help.

One of the ways you can become involved is by helping with flyer distribution in your local area.

The AVN makes various Flyer PDF’s available on our website for volunteers to print and distribute important information to the general public. The cost of doing this is not high and it can be done in your spare time whilst you are out and about.

If you are part of a community group and would like to distribute large quantities of 5,000 plus via a flyer distribution company or Australia Post, we can assist you.

Step 1. Get a quote for the number of flyers you would like distributed.
Step 2. Raise community funds to cover distribution costs. (we can help you with ideas but you would ultimately need to follow through on this yourself and with your group).
Step 3. Make an official request via and when approved the AVN will print and post the flyers to your approved nominee free of charge.

Note: Proof of paid distribution costs will be required prior to processing your request.

1. AVN Indigenous A4 double sided foldable Flyer

2. Covid-19 Talking Points

3. Questioning Covid

4. Your immune system – your mask on the inside

5. Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Flyer-29/7/2021

This flyer will be updated regularly

6. QR Codes for Business and Education

7. Door Notice

Please print this flyer and share widely. This has been drafted by a retired lawyer for you to use.

8. No Mask We Don’t Ask

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