First Victoria, Now NSW, Soon WA …It’s a Bum-Steer for the Double-Jabbers

First Victoria, Now NSW, Soon WA …It’s a Bum-Steer for the Double-Jabbers

By Mark Rowley

First Victoria, now NSW, soon WA …it’s a bum-steer for the double-jabbers.


Here’s what others had to say: 

Suzie Miles
Yep we tried to warn the sheeple.

Lee Miller
They don’t have any long term data on the safety of the vaccines never mind injecting more and more boosters. So the governments can carry on controlling people’s lives and keep Big Pharmas money rolling they had no intention of stopping at two jabs.

Nella M
Ffs! These politicians need their green card shoved where the sun don’t shine!!

Nella M
And every 6 months after that for eternity until you’re the walking dead..
Its been leaked from NZ they have 8 booster shots in total and then maybe more..

Glenn Backo
Booster every 6 months for life, as above we tried to warn people. But they got wrapped up in there oh look how great i am i am fully vaccinated.

Peter Hallifax
The politicians and health officials love kick back.

Alan Arratoon
Beautiful announcement. Love it to the max!!! Woo hoo!!! Now all the double jabbers can form the queue at the nearest cardiac or psych ward protesting their right for freedom and waiting to receive what is to follow for the benefit of the “greater good”. Mike Kutayar Mikey Mitrevski Faye Triantis Rachel Whittington Daniel Carey Kate Batson Alana Miranda David Babayan Mark Rowley Mark Flanigan Ricard Sala.

Dave Zancanaro
Nobody wanted to listen FFS!!!!!!
We were all just Conspiracy theorists hmmm ok

Grant Lancaster
what does it take to. wake people up

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