Forbes Columnist Adam Andrzejewski Joins Substack

Forbes Columnist Adam Andrzejewski Joins Substack

By Steve Kirsch

Adam used to write for Forbes. But he pissed off Tony Fauci. So they fired him at Forbes. This sends a clear message to the media: if you challenge the narrative, you will lose your job.

This is important for mainstream media organizations like Forbes to have a “zero tolerance” policy against any writer who dares to challenge the government narrative. If the truth were ever to come out in mainstream media, it would decimate the “safe and effective” narrative and everyone would be discredited. They can’t let that happen.

The mainstream press has really done a remarkable job of maintaining ranks so far. I’ve really been impressed. They all believe the narrative. And they quickly rid themselves of traditional journalists like Adam.

Adam wouldn’t back down, so they fired him. He’s now banished to Substack.

Welcome to Substack Adam. We’re glad to have you.

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