Former NSW Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly


Former NSW Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly

By Johnlarter000


Stephen Kelly is a 28-year police veteran who has spent the majority of his career in the Coronial Law Unit assisting the Coroner with inquests. He has an excellent understanding of medical practice and the law. Given todays front page headlines in Sunday Telegraph “ COVID JABS FOR 5YOs” I am thankful to be able to launch this video in pursuit of a Royal Commission.

Here’s what others had to say:

I have been labelled a tin foil hat and conspiracy theorist for 15 years or so. I made it my hobby to seek alternate views from the main stream. Since retirement from the Police I have read many books in furthering my knowledge. Of the things spoken here I have had discussions to people about the plans awaiting all of us including digital currency, FEMA camps and the social credit system that will incorporate a carbon credit system. Good to see many people are waking up. Sadly the brainwashed have been made fearful and thus acquiesce. This video adds weight to my opinions. Sadly I have been ostracised for being unvaccinated..

Look up Dr Thomas Cowan videos. He is saying we are not contagious at all.

No, you haven’t been ostracised for being unjabbed. The sheep are scared of you and all of us because we aren’t doing what the dogs are telling us to do. Quietly, though, many of them admire us because they don’t have the guts to stand up for themselves.

Use the term “vaccine free” it sounds better .. like gluten free, sugar free .. it’s a good thing .. and thank you for being a critical thinker .. no vaccines are safe and no vaccines have been studied for over 30yrs. DHHS in America could not submit any documents regarding any studies done to a court as there were none. The request was from Robert Kennedy Jnr 2018.
$4.6 billion has been paid out in vaccine compensation for injuries and deaths. Where does the covid ? come from? America.. It’s not a vaccine, it’s a gene therapy ? a synthetic gene hidden in a nano lipid so it can sneak by your immune system and so it can slide into your cells.
You can never be un-injected from provisionally approved covid gene therapy jabs.

Conspiracy theorists solve crimes more ordinary folk struggle with. I’ve been aware of the agenda for almost 40 years, watched it unfold, still, none of us expected the speed of this endgame. Over that time I’ve seen more and more ppl slowly wake up, but still way too few. Until Rona went full throttle. Hv to say, having carried a heavy weight all those years, watching The Great Awakening is the most exciting period in our history. So many, so fast, I’m loving it. Standing up, together, united in non-compliance, globally, we will prevail. In the meantime, our task is to skill up & develop parallel systems & communities while the old guard dies and the old world order with it. Remembering we are one, and we are many, we all need to find our tribes. Big changes afoot.

The US has openly admitted to UAP’s (ufo’s) on this earth. I think at the speed at which this is happening it is not normal and the logic of it doesn’t make sense. There is always the possibility the human civilization is being pied pipered off a cliff at the hands of non human entities.

I totally agree. I, too, Like you have investigated (as have many others like us), and I can say we are vindicated in what we have tried to pass on to inform others. all that has been investigated and reported is now happening, yet those who called us “Tin-Foil Hats” have not come out to acknowledge they were wrong.
The world’s top experts are speaking out, and like independent Climate Scientists, are being vilified and discredited for not following the propaganda narrative.

The greater fear than the “virus” is the political takeover we are now seeing. I think it is time to shift the focus from the “virus”, that is safer than the flu for those under 70 years, to the political reality.

I wish someone in the police force has the guts to stand up and arrest these politicians. Why not start with Jackie Lambie who threatened all unvaccinated people saying theyre coming after us “Lock, stock and barrel”. That is a threat of shooting us and she should be arrested for that. Im sure if anyone said that to any politician the police will be at their door ready to arrest them. Why should she be allowed.

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