He Is a Dead Man

He Is a Dead Man

By Russell Brand


Julian Assange is one step closer to a US trial under the Espionage Act, meaning that while the US denounces Russian war crimes it’s simultaneously imprisoning a journalist for exposing its own war crimes.

Here’s what others had to say:

Donald Trump should have pardoned!!!!! HUGE negative on Trump !!!!!

Julian is a real journalist that puts his life on the line for truth. Any so-called journalists or media organization that is not outraged about what happened to Julian Assange is fake news or controlled opposition.

It is better that he is extradited than left to rot in jail. His extradition will bring his case to the forefront and thus closer to actual justice and possible freedom. Yes, the left wants him dead because it would silence the loose end related to Seth Rich’s murder.

Just curious as to why Brandon Russell hasn’t done a piece on the Disney child grooming controversy?
DEMOCRATS are child grooming, pedo loving, pro crime, racist, commie scum.
Change my mind.

Highly suspicious of the Biden regime’s motives…they are NOT interested in a fair trial for Julian Assange…who most likely has ‘extremely damning evidence’ on Biden, Obama, and the Clintons … who will attempt to shield their ‘dirty deeds’ at all costs! (i.e., Seth Rich murder?)

Somehow I think Julian has calculated this happening a long time ago. He may have a “deadman switch” on a plethora of unreleased, indisputable information that will drive another nail into the steel coffin of the leftist world order. I also sense that Julian has ALOT more allies on this side of the pond than where he currently languishes.

Can the world take another Clinton suicide? Putin is the bad guy in this play? The shame here in the US runs deep and wide.

It’s just a media scare spin. He’s going to testify against the deep state. It’s the left that will try to prevent it.

You are right EXCEPT am not sure how successful his case will be brought to the forefront of Americans. Look how the chi-com media have contued to suppress truth on the 2020 election. There are SO many types & sources of proof that globalists stole this from us. Many folks HAVE been awakened, but it’s sad & alarming how many prefer to complacently bury their head in the sand, listen to mainstream news and believe “no worries”, not even looking at evidence but somehow believing it will “Go away & all will return” to wonderland! Please everyone, BEFORE we lose it all, wake up, open eyes, ears & heart to look around, investigate offered proofs, pray & proceed! Julian Assange shall be in my thoughts & prayers daily. Don’t let his suffering & bravery be for nothing! Stand up before we are further suppressed by evil. Love to all but stand up for freedom of everyone!

Original Source: https://rumble.com/v11xmrj-he-is-a-dead-man.html

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