Here Is a List of World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leaders – Australian

Here Is a List of World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leaders – Australian

By Maria Rigoli Lawyer Public Channel

Lucy McRae
Science Fiction Artist, Body Architect, Film Maker, Lucy McRae, Australia

Andrew Bragg
Senator for New South Wales, Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Australia

Geraldine Chin Moody
Director and Co-Founder, 5HVC Capital, Australia

James Chin Moody
Chief Executive Officer, Sendle LLC, Australia

Lucy d’Arville
Partner, Bain International Inc., Australia

Samantha Freebairn
Wing Commander and Pilot, Royal Australian Air Force, Australia

Sarah Hanson-Young
Senator for South Australia, Australian Parliament, Australia

Jeremy Howard
Founding Researcher,, Australia

Gordon Hughes
Founder and Managing Director, Rhythmscape Publishing, Australia

Rory Hunter
Chief Executive Officer, SoHo Partners, Australia

Caroline Blanch Israel
Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group, Australia

Andrew Kuper
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, LeapFrog Investment Group, Ltd., Australia

Jason Li Yat-Sen
Pro-Chancellor, University of Sydney, Australia

Lisa MacCallum
Founder, Inspired Companies, Australia

Jessica Mauboy
Artist, Maven Agency, Australia

Kala Mulqueeny
Senior Adviser, Ocean Geographic, Australia

Kaila Murnain
General Secretary, New South Wales Branch, Australian Labor Party, Australia

Clare O’Neil
Member of Parliament for Hotham, Parliament of Australia, Australia

Melanie Perkins
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Canva Pty Ltd, Australia

Hayley Saddington
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Halo Medical Devices, Australia

Simon Sheikh
Managing Director, Future Super, Australia

Greg Hunt not recorded as a Young Global Leader graduate. 
However, according to wikipedia, Greg Hunt held the position of Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum (2000–2001)

And don’t forget our nearby neighbours…..

Anthony Smaré
Chairman of the Board, Paradise Foods,
Papua New Guinea

Jacinda Ardern
Prime Minister of New Zealand, Government,
New Zealand

Golriz Ghahraman
Member of Parliament,
New Zealand

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