If a Government ‘Can Do This to Clive Palmer, It Can Do It to Anyone’


If a Government ‘Can Do This to Clive Palmer, It Can Do It to Anyone’

By Sky News Australia

Sky News host Alan Jones says the Labor government in Western Australia has “embarked on what could only be described as the single most extraordinary abuse of power in Australian history”.

“That’s not an exaggeration,” Mr Jones said.

“A Bill that aims to steal money from Clive Palmer”.

Mr Jones said the fact is the Liberal opposition in Western Australia supported this legislation.

The West Australian government has introduced emergency legislation into the state parliament after Clive Palmer claimed damages which could amount to $30 billion.

The government and Mr Palmer had been in arbitration over mining disputes relating to the Balmoral South iron ore project dating back to 2012.

“If a government can do this to Clive Palmer, they can do it to anyone.” Mr Jones said.

“If the WA government can do it, so can any government”.

Mr Jones spoke with billionaire Clive Palmer about the matter.

“We need to talk about our country, what it stands for, and the rule of law,” Mr Palmer said.

Here’s what others had to say:

Stella Q
I never thought I’d say this but I support Clive Palmer. And while I’m there, Pauline Hanson is also speaking out truth. There, I said it.

Sam Kenny
Putting the case topic itself aside, it’s a sad time when a State Government can backdate laws to get out of a specific contract deal it doesn’t like.

Rich Lounder
Clive is someone that actually knows what’s going on, ignore his advice at your own peril

Lulu Yannu
Can the people be exempted from prosecutions ? Why are the politicians ALWAYS ABOVE THE LAW !??

Kirsty S
I feel your pain Australia. The U.K. might seem like it’s open but the layers of hypocrisy here are astounding. Very much depends on luck and who you are as to what freedoms you have here.

Rob Scudder
Let’s return to common law under the constitution and sort the pirates out

Elizabeth Bird
I say thank you Alan Jone for clarifying the state of Australia with facts and verification by Clive Palmer. I vote for One Nation

Crimson Courtney
The average Australian is allowing themselves to be pushed around and will learn when you don’t say boo to a Goose the Goose will eat you. The depth of the ‘fear’ psychosis is deeper in the Australian mentality than I would previously have dared believed, very depressing.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/Vpt50LhqpSs

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