It Is Rare To See a News Channel Report the News This Way and Especially the Protest and Crowd Numbers

It Is Rare To See a News Channel Report the News This Way and Especially the Protest and Crowd Numbers

By Adnana Ionescu

It is rare to see a news channel report the news this way and especially the protest and crowd numbers. Credlin, herself was in the crowd and 60 QCs have now joined the movement also.


Here’s what others had to say:

John Fallat
This is stunning and some of what our President has been implementing here but sadly, hardly anyone is protesting. It is reprehensible.

Andrea Telford
It’s about time the MSM spoke truths. But is it too little too late?

John Harris
Sky isn’t a news channel. It is a propaganda piece from the rich and elite…who would see us burn on a dead planet. Advertising lynch mobs doesn’t make you any more legitimate…ask Rupert’s son.

Keld Dyrmose
Collectivism never works no matter how well intended it might have started out, it always ends in some form of tyranny!
The astonishing feat of the western world was precisely that we somehow always recognized this and often against all odds we protected the individual and his/hers flourishing from the oppressive will of the collective!

James Brunner
Proud to see Australians marching to stop the draconian, totalitarian bill that is proposed by the government. Stop the Marxist takeover of governments. This is a concerted effort to transform governments from democratically elected to Marxist dictatorships and create a one world government. I believe that China is behind all of this in a effort to be the sole ruling political force in that vision. It’s a multi- pronged attack consisting of covid, economic destabilization, threats of military action, and the paying off of our political leaders to embrace their vision. They have infiltrated the banks, the media, politicians, and military around the world 🗺 We must resist this. Pray for divine assistance to fight this and protect our God given rights of freedom and self determination. God bless our freedoms for all.

Manny T
This will be one day all the networks across the board finally doing their jobs and reporting the truth in a non bias way.

Brent Ali
How many of the 60 QC’s against the bill are paid up Liberal Party members I wonder.

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