Jeremy Lee. The Plan, How We Got Here. NWO Australia

Jeremy Lee. The Plan, How We Got Here. NWO Australia

By Australian National Review

Jeremy Lee. 1991, wow! Way ahead of his time. We were warned but few people seem to notice, even fewer seem to care. Listen now and tell me how much you think has come to pass in the last 30 years. If only every Australian had seen this I don’t believe we would be where we are today.

Absolutely brilliant video. Concise, logical and spelt out in layman’s terms so that any, every person can understand this. Pinpoints where, how, when and who.

Its actually very sad to think in so many ways we have done this to ourselves. Yes government have orchestrated it and sold us all out BUT it was our apathy as a nation as Australians that allowed it all to happen.

Here’s what others had to say:

Drain Addict
All Australians should watch this before it’s too late!

Paul Stuart
This needs to be taught in schools across the nation. That alone would change Australia, it would unite the nation against the real common enemy – Aus Corporate Government. This video sends chills down my spine every time I watch it.

Kangaroo Kids
This man is brilliant. Everyone needs to see this. Forget CONSPIRACY Theories……it’s Conspiracy Truth !

Yummy bacon and eggs
Bob Hawke changed Australias media ownership laws in the 80s allowed Murdoch to dominate. I think it was deliberate to keep this secret. My parents were on holiday in Canberra at that time and saw Hawke and Murdoch walking together at parliament house on a Sunday when few were around.

Margaret Sonnemann
“I knew Jeremy well and formed a small group of like minded leaders in the very early 1980s called The Belgravia Group with him. It was named after the street I lived on and the first meeting was held in my house. We would meet together a few times per year across Australia and try to influence national policy. Those were in the days when people in Australia actually cared about personal and political morality. I still remember that shirt!!” Jack Sonnemann

Sydney Chemtrails
Saw this a few years ago and freaked. Jeremy Lee red-pilled himself years ago. Alas he was a bit too early. Now his warnings are prescient, just ask any Victorian.RIP Mr.Lee and thank you for your contribution and service. Hope it wasn’t in vain!

Sez Black
This is very in depth. I had heard about the One World Government back in 1991 when I was 14 when we had Barry Smith come to our Church and speak about it. Its scary to see where the what has happened since.

Arthur Port
This is one of Jeremy’s books that had the most effect upon me all those years ago.

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