Jordan Peterson’s Observation Reveals the ‘Story of Scott Morrison’

Jordan Peterson’s Observation Reveals the ‘Story of Scott Morrison’

By Sky News Australia


An observation by psychologist Jordan Peterson sums up what is wrong these days with the “modern, moderate” Liberal Party, says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

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I.M. Shirley Rongh
As Australians we really have nurtured a culture of ignorant cowardice, and i don’t say that with contempt but with sadness.

James Mcnaughton
This is exactly why we should never stop protesting……cause we can take back what is ours step by step

Fisher Grubb
Yes, a number of people thought Jordan was an “extremist”, now look at the guy, and how relevant his info is. I’m so appreciative of him.
Thanks to Sky News Aus for having a brain and keeping these topics in front of us

Rita Martino
WOW, seriously, Dr. Peterson, your are spectacular! Thank you for observations.

John G
He’s a very clever man Jorden Peterson and he always manages to explain himself simply, so everyone can understand him and get the point of what he is saying.

That is, in its most basic form, how abusive relationships progress. Successive small encroachments on boundaries until boundaries no longer exist. Its why people question how someone could have put up with such abusive environments in the first place, yet all they see is the END result, not all the small encroachments that have been accommodated until the final abusive act is committed.

Juju Lipz
Guys a genius and described what’s happening perfectly

I saw that podcast and Jordan is spot on nearly everytime. Read his book 12 Rules for Life and it will open your eyes to what is happening.

Michael D’amato
Funny how we, “society” have to hear someone like Jordan Peterson tell us what we already knew, this sort of crap should be blaring through our TV screens every day from when it starts, not 2years and counting….. Down the road lol.

And they will convince the citizens it is for their own good.

Joe Chiato
The irony is the overreach with the covid restrictions have made me aware of what has been going on for years

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