Labor MP Calls Victorians Worried About Vaccine Mandates Science Deniers

Labor MP Calls Victorians Worried About Vaccine Mandates Science Deniers

By Real Rukshan

Labor MP Jaala Pulford (Minister for Employment) failed to give a clear answer to Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick on whether employees (Authorised Workers) are required to be vaccinated and what protections are in place for employers enforcing these rules under the current unclear circumstances.

Jaala Pulford instead characterised working class Victorians worried about their jobs in the face of unclear rules about vaccination, as science deniers. David Limbrick was also taken to task for doing his job as a parliamentarian and engaging with members of his community concerned about this issue.

Accusations have also been made in the Victorian Legislative Assembly that David Limbrick was called a right wing extremist by Labor MP Stitt for asking about the requirement for all authorised workers to be vaccinated.


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Here’s what others had to say:

Haha she couldn’t answer his last question because she knows it’s commonwealth law and what they are doing is illegal and employers will be putting themselves in a vulnerable situation where they will find themselves being sued..

All we heard from her is nothing as usual..

She didn’t even answer the question

The should be ashamed of themselves. We won’t forget at election time.

Where is the science though

Look at how much she’s fiddling with that mask. Sign of anxiety/nervousness? Or signs of a guilty conscience perhaps?

The arguments are so weak they just resort to villifying people. Weak!
Show us the science! Show is the proof that this virus actually exists. Stop the censoring and allow people to have open discussions.

ask any questions or have any alternative thoughts and your a right wing extremist or conspiracy theorists it’s such a joke

Business to talk to their staff about vaccinations? They don’t know anything about vaccinations. They aren’t doctors and their medical privacy shouldn’t be spoken about with your boss.

Tell me you’re out of your depth without telling me you’re out of your depth.

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