Let’s just recap what’s come to light of late

Let’s just recap what’s come to light of late.

By Staff Reporter

The Government has passed all responsibility for border control over to the States and given them permission to selectively enforce who they allow through, including whether someone needs to be jabbed
or not.

The Military L/T General John Frewen has joined Commodore Eric Young to take charge of the national roll out.

A Senior Police Officer has taken the lead role in the Qld roll out.

The Prime Minister has indicated there is no timeline at all for reopening of the borders and that there is no “magical jab figure that would allow the borders to reopen.

It’s been found that Police have used a Contract Tracing App data for non public health related reasons despite assurances to the contrary.

It’s been uncovered the TGA did not look at the data before approving Pfizer and there are still many unanswered questions about this same FOI.

The recommended age for AZ has since changed to 60 plus.

There have been reports that many AEFIs (adverse events) are potentially going unreported because of the procedural requirements and roadblocks some people have been encountering (see comments).

And some of us wonder to ourselves, what’s really going on here?

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