Liberals Meltdown DeSantis’ New Surgeon Gen. Speaks Facts Over Fear

Liberals Meltdown DeSantis’ New Surgeon Gen. Speaks Facts Over Fear

By Bongino Report

Here’s what others had to say:

Pamala Sines
So, so jealous, I want you in Colorado!

Elaine Giles
Faith before Fear Thank you for standing up to the bullies in DC

Patti Higgins
Someone with common sense who doesn’t profit from big pharma!!

Dennis Shimabukuro
This guy is awesome! ❤️❤️❤️??????

Sharon Rakas Norman
Finally someone with a brain!!!

Cheryl Vanderburg
Love this guy!!! The WHOLE Covid thing has done nothing but provoke fear.

Tamika Mickey
I need to move back to FL. Unfortunately, l moved to… Ugh. Delaware yrs ago… 20 mins from the crypt keeper ??‍♀️.

Luana Cooley
Truth will set us free#

Tamara Babson
I am missing Florida so much right now. This man needs to replace Fauci ASAP. This doctor has proven in one speech he has more of a Ph.D ( an actual practicing doctor) than the bought and paid for by pharmaceutical giants Fauci! Each state needs to follow Florida’s example! We need the fear mongering to stop immediately!

Tina Brown
Ron DeSantis makes me want to move to Florida.

Nita Atwood
When they disperse the illegal immigrants where do they go? How do they eat and where do they find housing? How do they get a job? I don’t get how they hide that mess! It must take an army to get them all cleared from under the bridge. Why don’t w… See more

Lori Furry
I am not vaccinated I will never get vaccinated I have been around a family member that had covid I even gave him a hug and I’m just fine

Vickie Waitman
What a breath of fresh air!

Eric D Brown
DeSantis is a sad and terrible leader allowing seniors and now teens to die because of the way he fails to stop people from dying.

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