Like Many Mandated Gold Coast Businesses, Dan From @noego_coffee_co Was Visited by the Boys in Blue


Like Many Mandated Gold Coast Businesses, Dan From @noego_coffee_co Was Visited by the Boys in Blue

By Undivided Gold Coast

Like many mandated Gold Coast businesses, Dan from @noego_coffee_co was visited by the boys in blue today.

A stop in from the police can be confronting and intimidating, but Dan handled it with poise and confidence – knowing that his stance was grounded in the values represented in Australian federal law.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with you, Dan. They can bully, they can threaten, but they cannot force you to behave in a way that’s inconsistent with your moral compass. Thank you for standing strong and being unwavering in your commitment to the common good.

GC – Dan’s asked that tomorrow you show up and stand by him, as he’s standing by us. So please, if you’re a local around Ormeau, take the time to drop in and try some of their delicious food and shake the man’s hand.


Here’s what others had to say:

Sonia Donaldson
Good on you Dan, well spoken. Such a waste of police resources.

Roxy Stock
Thank you so much for taking a stand Dan.
I know you will be supported in all ways, fines cannot be upheld and if you need to go to court we will organise a crowd fund to pay the legal costs, of that I am sure! Good on you legend

George Buratowski
The Gov is asking business owners to break the Privacy Act Law. Why and how can the Gov break a Federal Law when no law has been enacted to allow others to break the law. . The State Gov must be fined for forcing people to break the law IMO

Deshi Melissa
Best we all get on down and support Dan. Good on you buddy. So much respect for you standing strong.

Kylez Ann
What a phenomenal business! Boydy ? be supporting this business!

June Bartlett
Well done Dan life as we know it is being taken from us to be treated this way is absolutely wrong. You are to be commended for taking a stand a brave move . Thank you

Liz Leys
So proud of you Dan , you are a Warrior standing alongside all us that are fighting for freedom. Interesting that in Christchurch NZ the cafes that refuse to discriminate are flat stick , hoping this will be your business also.

Judith Traecey
Dan you are the epitome of integrity. I’m so sorry that you and other business owners have had this rubbish dumped on you. It is madness.

Kim Bergman
Thank you Dan, for standing tall, for not choosing to segregate and discriminate, for taken the risk to stand up for what is right, what is fair, what is just, what is humane

Kath Turner
Well done in standing strong. I live in NSW, we have just been through this same shiteshow you’re going through now! You’re completely right in what you’re saying. Well done for not complying to this farce!!!

Tessa Henville
Watching this gladdened my heart. There are few things as immutable as a gentle person of integrity standing on the strength of their convictions. You strike me as such a person in this video.
I can’t get to the cafe today so I’ve taken out a subscription. First time I’ve changed my coffee beans in 4 years! I really hope your coffee measures up to your ethics.

Rhonda Randall
THANK YOU for your great example of how to handle the men in blue. OUR GOV is making things SO difficult for us in this dark time, we nearly need to be lawyers.

Deborah Grant
Thank you, Dan, for standing up for everyone’s rights V or not .. if every business did this, the powers that be ?? would not have a chance in hell to intimidate business owners! This is about democracy and what our forefathers fought for. You are a shining example of what is the right thing to do in these dark days in Australian History.

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