Livestream of Sydneys Anti-Lockdown Protest?

Livestream of Sydneys Anti-Lockdown Protest?

By Chriscoveries

Did you miss my 3 hour Livestream of the Sydneys anti-lockdown protest? Well here’s a 2-minute smash-cut.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Shaun Maryako
Good work Chriscoveries didn’t get to see you this time but great work on words and visual thanks Chris.

Elise Frances
I watched the whole livestream at home. Thank you . Sorry you got peppersprayed.

Andrew Morrah
I watched the full live feed it was excellent an definitely needed to be watched by everyone.

Rebekah Dennis
Unbiased? Mate, you were running to where the trouble was.

Lauren Jade
You guys wanna crap on about freedom fighting.. follow me into a covid ward . Go explain to all the ladies with unborn babies who.could.loose their children that your cause was more important.

Graham Buddle
Thank you very much for possibly extending the lockdown.

Abballey Jabballey
Great work Chris. I am so sorry you were assaulted. What was that man thinking / what was his purpose? I am glad you are okay. Love what you do x

Denise Darling
Glad to see that the people hate the media channel 7 10 and 9. They are part of the problem.

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