Melbourne – Strong Cities

Melbourne – Strong Cities

By Australian National Review


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STRONG CITY NETWORK TRAINS POLICE IN ISRAEL & IS CONTROLLED BY THE CITY OF LONDON CROWN CORPORATION! Zionism is the enemy of Israel & Roman in origin. It has been controlling British foreign policy since the Venetians took over the City of London & the British banking system.

all this crap show of ‘ohhh that evil Trump BOOO’ is part of the whole phony-as-fuk shit show. He is part OF the billionaires club. he is no hero for the peasants, and the fkin sleazebag brags he is the father of the poison injections over and over like the psycho narcissist he and his ilk are!!!

mele host
I’m hearing that Tradies that were pressured into getting the vaccine are vowing to sabotage worksites in coming weeks to destroy the Chinese investor industry and as a means to bring to head Dan’s Tyranny.

Hoping Josh Frydenberg is not compromised. But reaching that high in politics and with his Jewish connections it is concerning; nothing against the jewish people themselves of course but you know what I mean. I just hope not because I played tennis as he did, and as far as I was aware, he was respected in the tennis community as being a good bloke. We knew he was being groomed through The Liberal Party and you don’t get to be the member of Kooyong, a blue ribbon position, unless grand things are planned for you. Previous members were Robert Menzies and Andrew Peacock. I guess it is just the positive within me hoping that somehow someone who has reached such heights in Australian politics is actually a bright light. I’m sort of hoping he’s like a Donald Trump as you have to rub shoulders with the enemy to get there but it’s wishful thinking lol. I’ll remain positive in my hope about him unless it is confirmed otherwise.

Venator Ex Iudaeis
Zionist takeover of Australia!!!

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