Message From Alexander Cooney to All Police Officers in Australia

Message From Alexander Cooney to All Police Officers in Australia

By Australian National Review

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Jihad Scarf
Alexander Cooney God Bless you in your attempt to exposing the fraud being perpetrated. Maybe you can encourage other police of good will to stay in the police force to counter any attempts by govt. through legislation, to allow a foreign law enforcement or a foreign military force to “assist” local law enforcement to crowed management. Please look into it.

Gwyneth Brown Brown
I this is all very well, but if they all got together and walked of the job instead of following orders that they know are wrong. What can happen if NO police went out to bully the protesters, the protest would have no violence and the government would not sack the whole police force. Its the actions of the police that is causing this whole debarkle. Many more would join the protest but are scared. If all got out and protested. We would see just how many people are awake up to this lie. Of cause there are many in the police force that take advantage of this situation to act out their sadistic agression on people under the guise of their position. So you lose your job and cant pay your way. What about the millions that have lost their jobs, their livlihood, their businesses, their freedom to live normally. Police on the streets doing what they are doing are aiding and abetting the corrupt government, so us the people are being slowely slayghtered. When the police go home after work, they become part of that community that they are terrorising into conformaty. Think about that. They too will lose their freedom and they helped to do it.

Deb Lawrence
I’m so concerned for my family. They are Not police but are firies and being told the same thing. We are not sleeping and the worry is immense. We are holding on. Much respect to you. You give us hope and belief that what we are doing is right. We stand with you.

Clive Lohrey
Well done Alexander! There is more to be gained by doing the right thing than most people can ever imagine!

My daughter’s place of work has been constantly harassed by police on a daily basis about mask wearing – she has a medical exemption but is being harassed by police and made to wear it, she is 17 and is now scared of the police and has panic attacks when she sees an officer, so sad �
Good on you Alexander for speaking up, I hope you and your family remain safe, what a huge sacrifice you’ve made, I hope something positive comes of you speaking out.

Mary Dreger
Thank you brave warrior man. It is only the weak that need to hide under the cloak of lies and deceit. The truth will always break through just as the sun enjoys doing everyday on our island homeland. God bless Australia and yourself for speaking out. With much respect.

Freedom In Health
Thank you! This needs to be seen by police officers world wide!

Paul Swift
Strength to you Alexander. A voice of reason and understanding. We can all take something away from this.

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