Nek Minute

Nek Minute

By Avi Yemini

Last year thousands rallied for George Floyd in Melbourne.

None of them knew Justine Damond’s name.

Floyd’s “killers” are being held accountable.

Yet, TODAY a US court decided to set Justine Damond’s killer free.

No march, no fuss.

They likely still don’t know her name.

Here’s what others had to say:

This video just shows the level of intelligence and critical thinking by the average punter on the street. We all could benefit from a mental upgrade and a step back from the lemming syndrome that has engulfed us..

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice- Donald Miller

BLM is a cult

People only care about what the media tells them to care about.

Yet the freedom March won’t be approved #hypocrisy

“”Why is it white supremacy…. well she is white. “” hmmmmm, that’s that programmed thinking that’s got us in this 2021 mess

this is embarrassing ???

My IQ level just dropped…People need to wake up.


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