NSW Police Attack Women and Children at Sydney Protest March

NSW Police Attack Women and Children at Sydney Protest March

By Aussie Cossack


Inspector Johnson and his thugs inciting violence during today’s peaceful protests

Here’s what others had to say:

Brooke B
What a disgrace. These people are fighting for the lives and freedom of all aussies and the kids futures.

Police attacking the citizens of Australia. An absolute disgrace. Shame on them and may they be held accountable for this inhumane act.

Jongwe Rachembera
Disgusting behaviour from those thugs in uniform. Shame on them!

stupor mundi
It’s so important that the world gets to see what is going on there, what a disgrace. Those disgusting traitors betray everything that is good. I don’t know how they live with themselves, how they face their kids. Because they are helping to build a dark future for their own kids as well.

Andre Arias
This is absolutely disgusting. Who the hell do these so called cops think they are? I know it’s hard but keep fighting y’all! Love and prayers from America.

Natasha Mcgregor
Really getting tired of seeing this disgusting behavior from the police in Australia. The good People need to take Australia back.

Disgusting!! Extremely low of them to attack an old lady, a mother and kids! I’ve lost all respect for the police!!!

Natalie Hilton
15 years ago my son was 5 and loved police. Idolised them. I took him to a local station for his birthday and they let him sit in the patrol car and get photos. Those days are long gone. That poor little girl in the crowd will never forget this. This is so wrong!

Newly appointed Commissioner Karen Webb only days ago said NSW Police needed to re-engage with community. I don’t think she meant by assaulting peaceful senior citizens, parents and children. FAIL KAREN WEBB – FAIL !!

Scarlet Red Magic
The officer that pushed that woman with a child had no emotion in his face he must have gotten an ok. To do that The Coward!

Original Source: https://youtu.be/aO_EQ1R_qbQ

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