NSW Police Indecenty Assault Nursing Student! “..You Exposed My Private Parts!” Part 2/2

NSW Police Indecenty Assault Nursing Student! “..You Exposed My Private Parts!” Part 2/2

By Aussie Cossack

A shocking display of Police Brutality!

Here’s what others had to say:

Let me Explain
This is disgusting and most disturbing, the poor girl was traumatized, she also had a hip replacement done and they were kneeling hard on her leg.
I hope she sues them all !!
Much luv to her and I hope that she’s okay

Paul L
Spineless cops, it’s their job to protect the public from situations like this. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM

Ka Pow
The utterly worst part was afterwards when they clearly were acting above accountability. We want their names and the station responsible.

Matthew Nolan-Ban
People will look back on this one day and be so confused how our people were so blind to not see what was right in front of us.
Police should be ashamed.

Yorak Hunte – the Resurrection
Reminder: NSW Police are the perverts who are tasked to investigate indecent assaults. Like getting a kiddy fiddler to manage a child care centre.


Disinterested Bystander
Why is it, that whenever citizen meets some kind of “safety and security” agent, he or she immediately feels unsafe? It’s worldwide phenomenon.

P S Taker
Those police offers need to be sued. Contact Rebel News and ask for legal assistance.

Thomas hinshelwood
These police should be held accountable for their behaviour and brought before the court this is disgusting and getting out of control.

Rational Bacon
If my child was a police officer, I’d tell people they were a used car salesmen and meth dealer to avoid bringing such shame to my family.

Andrew Mccluskey
Their grandmother’s, mothers, wives, daughters would be truly proud of how they have turned out.

Simeon, get your lawyer in direct contact with this woman, get the ball rolling. Get their image out there. Go get these disgraceful idi**s.

Tim Whale
Words fail me.
These insensitive, uniformed political militia need to spend a long stretch behind bars along with their superiors and political masters.

David Coombes
The Australian Police must be held to account for what they are doing to the Australian people .
They will be.

I wish I were a lawyer, I would represent this poor young woman for free. I would prosecute these tough guys to the full extent of the law.
I once had respect and sympathy for the police, because of what they had to tolerate. I have seen so many videos of police brutality since Covid, if I saw them being bashed or attacked, I wouldn’t give a shit.

Paradise Pythons
So proud of the service they provide that they desperately try to hide their identity. Yep they’re the good guys for sure.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/y3XK-nFxMns

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