NYC Shooting Was a Marburg Attack Designed To Start the Spread of the Next Plandemic

NYC Shooting Was a Marburg Attack Designed To Start the Spread of the Next Plandemic

By Staff Reporter

NYC shooting was a Marburg Attack designed to start the spread of the next plandemic.

I spoke to Theresa, who is working on the Chemical/Biological Warfare people to try and quarantine the people exposed and get them treatment.  She reports that the CDC took control of the abendzole supply some time ago.  Now we know why.  Fenbendazole it will have to be, in all likelihood.

See below:

Doctor, we need some of your expertise here.  You may have seen that there was a mass shooting on the NYC Subway today with 12 injured and 5 dead.  One of Col. Pete’s (copied) contacts (Col. W) has verified some items that convince us this is how the Marburg attack that we’ve been waiting for has started.

1)      The shooter killed 5 and injured 12;

2)      The shooter was wearing a gas mask;

3)      He had a canister on his back and was spraying some agent;

4)      The top of the canister was sparking during all of this;

5)      The shooter wore an orange vest;

6)      Reports from CNN indicate he is/was military-looking;

7)      Shooter escaped and NYPD is looking for him.

Something about this scenario and in particular about the sparking canister made me think of you.  I seem to recall that some biological agents need activation when distributed, and I’m wondering if that wasn’t what the sparking is about.  I know an electrical current is needed for the delivery of new biological treatments.

In your studies at Ft. Detrick you may have run across this, and we’d welcome any knowledge you have or direction to such information.  I can ask my sister about this as well, as she’s involved in those trials.

Dr. Pete and Dr. Lee (copied) found that the SF handbook states Albendazole is used to treat/prevent Marburg, and we’re wanting to get that word out.  We also believe Fenbendazole will do the same, though we’re still researching this.

Both of them are creating a fact sheet and protocol to help folks prepare and treat, and we will make those available initially at and along with regular updates. We need your help understanding the biological action and getting word out.

General, we need your planning and leadership here too.  It is our belief that the injured from this shooting are now contagious and they will be making the hospital workers in NYC infected.  We understand this is a low transmissible and high mortality bug with bleeding from several or all orifices.   We need to get the people in that hospital on Albendazole as fast as possible to stop the spread.  Can you please help with that?  First responders will also need help and quarantining until they can get treatment.

If we can stop the spread from there, we can give everyone time to prepare and perhaps catch the people behind this attack.  It certainly won’t hurt for folks who have come in contact to take some prophylactic meds.

Attack place:

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