NZ Is Coming Door to Door To Jab You Says PM

NZ Is Coming Door to Door To Jab You Says PM

By Mariaaaaa


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Here’s what others had to say:

Didn’t she just have a post on fb encouraging people to get juiced and it came back with other 30000 responses most of them describing adverse effects and deaths – obviously can’t read or blantantly closing her eyes ?

*knock knock*
“Hello, who’s there..?”
“Its the Covid Witnesses, have you had the jab today?”

Is she Dan Andrews’ inbred twin sister?! Birds of a feather!!!

They are killing the indigenous ppl all around the world

@fer_healthfirst ???

He is out of his mind ??

Wtf?!? No words for this women’s insanity ?

They are in hurry to get this done when they have lost the game! Must be panicking poor things

And what happens if they say no? ?

We all knew it was coming maybe they will bring Krispy Kreme doughnuts with them too and personally hand you the million dollar raffle ticket as they poison you

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