Pauline Hanson Hits Back at Hysterical Pro-Mandate Critics

Pauline Hanson Hits Back at Hysterical Pro-Mandate Critics

By Pauline Hanson


One Nation is committed to restoring freedom to Australians and we will not let desperate attacks from hysterical pro-mandate critics challenge our resolve.

One Nation will continue to oppose all Government legislation until the Prime Minister addresses the legitimate concerns of the Australian people and does something to end these brutal, unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandates.

So long as the Prime Minister does nothing more of your freedoms will be stripped away.

The refusal of the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ Government to rule out extending vaccine mandates to children should concern every Australian parent as it is only a matter of time before this is adopted by other states.

So when the Liberals, Labor, Greens and independent Senator like Jaquie Lambie seek to attack One Nation over our efforts to protect Australians from bullying and coercion and restore your freedoms, I wear it as a badge of honour.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Sandra Rogers
Lambie is a stark raving lunatic! Needs to be locked up! So ashamed of our government, only Pauline and about 6 others fighting for Aust citizens! Now they are turning on our indigenous! What a mess. God help us!

Yvon Nemchinov
How can any politician, who is supposed to represent the people, oppose protecting peoples most basic rights?
The federal government has the ability to put a stop to this nonsense, but they haven’t, because they are gutless and corrupt.

Michelle Thompson
Jacquie Lambie is embarrassing. Keep up the good fight.

Scottii Snow
Pauline Hanson you are a true leader and one that deserves a chance to lead this country and its people. The problem is are offering Australia everything we need and nothing our current leadership has, and that’s honesty, integrity, and the best interests of our nation and its citizens. Love you Pauline, keep up the GOOD fight.

Marea Tillock
Lambie must need medicating along with KK they were so vicious in their attack. If a man had spoken like that all hell would have broken loose by the very same people. Very sad the way our politicians attack each other.

Denise Wetzel
Please don’t ever back down Pauline. The insanity spreading through parliament is just appalling to put it politely. WTF can be done to STOP the madness ??? We’ve had enough

Nicole Leigh West
The fact that the word, ‘pro-mandate’ with regard to these jabs is even a ‘thing’ now, is absurd, especially with regard to children at virtually NO risk of covid, but at significant risk from the jab. Along with Pauline, other MPs and people speaking up, our voices need to get a whole lot louder across all mainstream media platforms, in order to call out the lies, manipulation and discrimination, and create awareness. Many people are truly unaware due to the biased mainstream media narrative. Your two cents of sense might just help someone break through the brainwashing and create a much needed domino effect. We can get behind strong leaders by speaking up as loudly as they are, where it’s needed.

Peter Waun
All political parties in Australia should be scrapped & new ones that talk sense should be formed. I am sick & tired of the garbage the comes out of the mouths of most politicians.

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