Police Attempting To Shut Down Bar Wunder


Police Attempting To Shut Down Bar Wunder

By Australian Free Independent Press Network

BREAKING NEWS: Authorities are trying to shut down Bar Wunder in Toowoomba.

Bar Wunder have reached out to AFIPN to try and cover the situation where police are currently trying to force Bar Wunder management to close down the bar under the health directives in place in Queensland.

If anyone is able to live stream from the venue, we can restream it out. Please contact the page immediately.


Here’s what others had to say:

Odette Burns
A police State. That’s what I’m starting to see. This is scary.

Jessica Catherine
This cop is so aggressive

Chris N Leeanne Pengelly
Protect and Serve is now persecute and dictate.

Geoff Chapman
It’s a pitty the cop skips leg day at the gym, has he never looked at himself?
A mandate is NOT a law and has no power over you if you do not “contract”
Always listen to the type of questionings of the police, it is designed to engage you into making a verbal ” contract” so they can continue their words to get, convince, (or entrap) you into compliance.
They are trained to do it.

Billings Marie
No respect anymore. Police are over reaching their authority.

Mo Godbeer
What a rude bloody cop intimidates to get what he wants. Disgusted with rt h this behavior

Kostas Arvanitis
Because the police are no longer police … but a registered security company with an ABN number … can people arrest them …. as in citizens arrest or file charges against them for unlawful behaviour in the community …
The way the Sergeant conducted himself …. he seems like has an anger management problem.

Kevin Albany
What a disgrace, these cops are acting outside our Constitution, they are mercenaries working for an illegal corporation posing as the Commonwealth of Australia

Penny Lepis
The directive that has been issued is unlawful, especially when there are a group of officers in a hallway ,preaching,not social distancing ,giving orders when they themselves do not follow.There are more people then them,if this continues ,people will remove them from power.We will no longer put up with Gestapos in action.Our grandparents went through this shit.

Marc Tannski
Go to court and sort it and get compensated for loss of earnings because it’s not against the law in your constitution.

Jazzy Melhop
Less talk, more action! Who’s heading to Toowoomba today to help them out?
I’m heading up there from Brisbane, Holland Park. I’ve got 11 seats to fill in my van. Happy to drive through places that are on the way and pick peeps up.
Will need to leave Briz by 9:30am. PM me if you are serious about helping these guys out.

Suzanne Burns
Mandates unlawful in States if business has ABN. That falls under Federal jurisdiction which cannot mandates after 1946 referendum. Think I’ve got that right.

Kevin Conoplia
That Jackboot Cop definitely needs to find out that he works for an Incorporated private company registered in the USA.
Brainwashed in training school.

David Dixon
What a disgrace, police should be ashamed. He has every right to conduct a business.

Original Source: https://fb.watch/a49SmRUA6m/

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