Police Bodycam Proves the Mainstream Media Was Hiding the Truth

Police Bodycam Proves the Mainstream Media Was Hiding the Truth

By Avi Yemini

Police bodycam proves the mainstream media was HIDING the truth

The MSM cameras waited for the perfect shot of Nick Patterson throwing a punch and refused to share what happened prior.

It turns out the police struck first.

Here’s what others had to say:

Good on them for defending their friend!

This is the real Australia they don’t show on TV- Freedom. Honour. Mates. Courage. Strength.

I’m so glad the ALFA men rushed to their mate being Unlawfully assaulted buy those thugs in uniform Justice will Prevail stay strong.

Protests aren’t for me, but how do police actually get away with this?

How are our kids supposed to feel safe and protected by “police” that do this?!?!?!?! We teach them to go to police if they’re in trouble or not safe, I’d be teaching them to run the other way!

I was pro police before covid…

Great story Avi also good to know the finer detail around resisting an unlawful arrest.

Canada is so close to becoming this unless massive change happens.

Original Source: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTvnLaPDZ6V/?utm_medium=copy_link

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