Police Deploy Counter-Terror Squad on Construction Workers in Melbourne

Police Deploy Counter-Terror Squad on Construction Workers in Melbourne

By Avi Yemini

Police deploy counter-terror squad on construction workers in Melbourne

Watch the moment a counter-terror squad confronted unarmed construction workers marching Melbourne’s streets to protest the world’s longest and harshest lockdown.

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: In this report (at 3:25), we included b-roll footage from a viral video which we have since verified was NOT one of the undercover officers. We’ve since uploaded a new version to our website.

I apologise to the protester.

Here’s what others had to say:

Do the police pay for rubber bullets hitting the rented shut down shop windows?

If we put as much money into the hospitals would probs be sweet to open

Protesters should dress as cops, how confusing would that be lol

It looks like war …Australia has fallen ?

The State I grew up in, is now little ?? Actually, they probably have more freedom ?

Imagine going to work just to shoot rubber bullets and tear gas at your own people protesting their fucking human rights.. avi you and I both know every single one of these officers were the kids that were bullied and never stood up for themselves.. 13 months in the academy doesn’t give you a law degree, it gives you the right to abuse authority Apparently.

What too big of a budget does to a metropolitan police force – we went from sky blue shirts and navy trousers to black shirts, black tactical pants, black boots and every cop and PSO wearing bulletproof vests… The tactic used by riot squats to dehumanise themselves and to appear threatening has been applied to every cop and such is reflected in their behaviour.

Honestly, I can’t take anymore of this. Daniel Andrew’s needs to resign or be bloody removed because this is not leadership this is just a bully he needs someone to show him what a real man and a leader looks like. FOR GODS SAKE JUST BLOODY RESIGN AND FREE VICTORIANS!!!!

This is so sad ?

Good work Avi ?

This is just shocking that this is happening in Australia it is like a scene from a movie this has to stop

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