Police intimidation of Construction workers during Sydney Lockdown. Cop tries to smash car window!

Police intimidation of Construction workers during Sydney Lockdown. Cop tries to smash car window!

By Aussie Cossack

Here’s what others had to say:

Craig Sawyer
I’m subscribing just for your effort, the way you had them not knowing what to do is priceless.

jody mckenzie
By the smirk & smile on this sergeants face, she just thinks this harassment is a joke. As an ex-NSW officer I have now lost all respect I once had for the Police Force. Despicable behaviour.

Manuel Laumatia
“Leave me alone, your so annoying” coppa’s can’t handle ol mate. Good on you.

Kelepi Leao
What a shame on NSW police for following these unlawful engagements.

John King
Victoria, a State of the Commonwealth, therefor the following case and ruling is also relevant in NSW
This decision was appealed by the police in the Supreme Court of Victoria and they lost the appeal, so this verdict stands
DPP ( Vict ) v Hamilton – Nov 2011 – ” It is an ancient principle of the Common Law that a person not under arrest has no obligation to stop for police or answer their questions
And there is no Statute that removes that right
The conferring of such a power on a police officer would be a substantial detraction from the fundamental freedoms which we have been guaranteed to by the citizen by the Common Law for centuries”
There is no duty or obligation to speak with a police officer unless you’re already under arrest
– Judge Stephen Kaye
– Melbourne Supreme Court ruling – November 25, 2011
In light of what your rights are, you might like to put a formal complaint in about the unlawful conduct of the officer ( female Sargent ) and/or others who acted unlawfully
I would also recommend making the formal complaint to her area Commander, the Police Minister and find out her Idemnity Insurance number ( as an employee of a Corporation, all officers conducting business with the public MUST have this insurance number )
Make an official complaint to her Idemnity Insurer ( and any other officers you were harrassed/intimidated by )
and this arrogant, ignorant officer might find herself out of a job and at Centrlink quick enough to make her head spin
The other thugs in uniform might then think twice about acting like Nazi brownshirts with members of the Australian public.

Sushen Govender
“…Maybe see a psychologist or a counsellor. Was this a hard event for you to handle, maybe get some sick leave…” Love this dude! Well done mate.

Wondering Right thru Existence
C’mon officers, this is an absolute joke. The Asian officer with the hat really annoyed me with her attitude. The sergeant was very polite but still you made a joke of yourselves officers, I usually support you guys but this one here… You lost my support. This is intimidation and harassment. Leave the general public alone. Please

Emotional people like women shouldn’t be cops.

Moe A
I’m also subscribing for your effort and example on standing up for your rights and not allowing yourself to be intimidated or bullied by these thugs. It’s just so sad knowing there’s been an enormous amount of people out there doing the right thing yet falling victom to the abuse of power by police.

Trust a Cossack so show such bravery. The free world applauds you my friend. I’m subscribing right away. If only the not so Great anymore Britain had more people like you.

bob Smith
The onus is on the Police to prove an offence has happened not the other way around. Who are these dopes?

Tommee Bath
The most disturbing thing about this is that the police think the whole incident is funny shown by that Sargent laughing throughout the whole thing. Imagine what the real criminals are thinking, or possibly planning because police resources are doing this.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/IC_1IHM36aU


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