Police Overstep Authority


Police Overstep Authority

By Informed Medical Options Party

Chilling example of what we are all fighting against…

THIS IS AUSTRALIA!! What kind of briefings are these cops being given?!? Anyone with family or friends in the police force, please try to get them to see that they are repeating history, and ‘just doing my job’ is NOT, and never will be, a justification for such behaviour.

If anyone knows who this woman is, we would love to help support her!!


Here’s what others had to say:

I want to know the outcome ! I really want to help this poor young lady – it’s now or never. Let’s set a precedent!

WOW! The intimidation on the vulnerable! And these are our protectors. SHAME

Geeze that’s awful!! I have anxiety and masks make my breathing horrid so don’t wear them. This video is horrid. Good on her for standing her ground

Keep pushing back- its now or never!!!!

Sue Sue Sue Sue!! Intimidation !! This is wrong !! That poor woman ! Glad she filmed it all

What cu next Tuesday! That was giving me anxiety!!!

Not Victoria they would have grabbed her throat and handcuffed her.

No surprise!!! she is well in her rights not to show her exemption

All this over a mask?

It’s happening here in Albury NSW. I have been grilled at Coles – put in a complaint. The chemist where the young girl mentioned cops to which I said sure but legally I don’t have to show them. Today I went to pick up my prescription and was told that I can go in there but they would prefer I wait outside. I replied well I have asthma and a rare lung disease and you expect me to wait in the cold? I said that’s a violation of the anti discrimination act.

I’m pretty sure they do have the right to get her details. And by law in Australia they can tell you to stop filming. Unfortunate but true.

Human rights commission case right there. Educate these simpleton who are meant to know the difference between a law and a mandate.

This poor women, the pain in her voice What an absolute abuse of power.

Stealing! I would have stayed on the train & rung triple 0 and reported a robbery!

Original source: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQugt2njF9-/?utm_medium=copy_link

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