Powerful Sydney Freedom Day Protest Video They Don’t Want You To Watch

Powerful Sydney Freedom Day Protest Video They Don’t Want You To Watch

By Rebel News

The media demonised and vilified all who attended Saturday’s Freedom Day Rally in Sydney by focusing on a tiny minority misbehaving.

Here’s what others had to say:

This made me cry. People, everyone, please wake up. Please please wake up.

God Bless You in Australia… Your in American Prayers.

Was not big enough. too many people still sitting at home hoping someone else will fix it all up.

this choked me up……we have to do this world wide. 1776 world wide with civil disobedience and information. the answer to 1984 is 1776.

Let’s say we have a young female refugee escaping from CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang, Uygur, and CCP’s mysterious injection against women. Welcome to Canada my lady, but you have to prove yourself as a good citizen doing her own share for the society, So get this shot…….What’s the difference from CCP and Canada, US, Italy and so on..What a shame

I’m ready for whatever I will keep my god given freedom’s or die trying for me and my kids and the next American fighting for the same thing!!

keep up the good work mate! PCR tests can’t tell between covid or flu, & if cycles are to high will return a false positive. let’s find out what the cycles are? & how they are testing for this delta strain? show the people the evidence.

The governments are doing the exactly same thing as China in Xinjiang Uygur.
Stop injecting mysterious experimental drug into their own people against their will!

Touching video. Australia is in one of the toughest lockdowns on the planet. It is egregious what is taking place there and how citizens are being treated. Stand strong, fight through this.

Original Source: https://rumble.com/vki953-powerful-sydney-freedom-day-protest-video-they-dont-want-you-to-watch.html

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