Queenslanders Have Had a Huge Win As the Labor Government Revokes Most Cov Restrictions


Queenslanders Have Had a Huge Win As the Labor Government Revokes Most Cov Restrictions

By Editor | Cairns News

The Queensland Labor and Liberal duopoly has buckled under extreme pressure from most of the state and from November 19 revoked nearly all Covid restrictions they had imposed on business to take effect from December 18.

Queensland Labor Premier revokes most Covid restrictions

“Restrictions on businesses have been eased due to the great job Queenslanders have done in limiting community transmission of COVID-19. There is no longer a requirement for restricted businesses to operate under a COVID Safe Industry Plan or any of the ‘industry specific’ COVID Safe Checklists,” according to the website.

‘COVID Safe Industry Plans and industry specific checklists have now been replaced by the COVID Safe Checklist for Restricted Businesses (the Checklist).’

Hundreds of thousands of citizens protesting from Cairns to the Gold Coast have told the Labor Party they will not tolerate any discrimination between vaccinated and non-vaccinated residents in day-to-day activities.

The Health Department has revoked restrictions on most activities after industry threatened to stonewall the government and ignore them.

‘The revoked COVID Safe Industry Plans are available for businesses to refer to, should they wish to implement some, or all, of the measures in the plans. However, it should be noted that compliance with these plans is no longer mandatory,’ the website reads.

It is now up to individual businesses to decide on what if any measures they will take to allow customers to enter their premises.

The website is quite ambiguous but it seems the QR Code requirements remain.

Restrictions on sports, fitness, food. Churches, racing. tourism and accommodation, health and beauty, weddings, hotels, clubs and numerous other activities have been revoked.

The Premier obviously is doing it tough by comments we have received from members of the media and other onlookers when today she opened a new multi-million dollar overpass built in a Cairns suburb.

Instead of travelling to the site some 8 klms from the Cairns CBD the Premier opted, undoubtedly on security advice to conduct the ceremony from the confines of the Convention Centre in the CBD.

She looked worried and worn out according to some of those present.

The people of Queensland who voted for the incompetent Labor Party communists have had enough and the Premier’s days are numbered.

Well done Queensland and Australia and don’t stop now. Grind the duopoly into the ground for what they have done to you, your family and your business.

We will have a clean sweep to make way for more honourable, practical parliamentarians from a business and agricultural background who are not socialists or members of the Lodge.

Original Source: https://cairnsnews.org/2021/11/25/queenslanders-have-had-a-huge-win-as-the-labor-government-revokes-most-covid-restrictions/

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