Rand Paul Confronts HHS Secretary on Israeli Study & Australia Press Conference

Rand Paul Confronts HHS Secretary on Israeli Study & Australia Press Conference

By An0maly

Here’s what others had to say:

Monique Dalla
Pray for Australia ?? and the world. Keep up the good work America ?? stand peacefully for freedom of choice. ?

Lydia Katschura
I wish we had someone like Rand Paul who could talk to our Health Officers in Melbourne, Australia and deliver appropriate questions.
We are in a Police State with no escape until late next year when the elections happen. Emergency laws just keep getting extended with just a few parties required to pass it.

Lu Delcastillo
They censor Rand Paul not only because he’s a politician but because he is medically certified to speak on the side of science and they know it.

Heath Hazelton
I would like to personally thank you for continually bringing up Australia ?? to the world as we have no voice here in our own country thankyou

Leanne Blake
In NSW the Premier Gladys Berejiklian just quit or has been made to stand down
..Not sure who we will have next though..We need hope here in Australia.
God bless you all ?

Louella Hrynkewich
if Rand Paul needs a challenge we will take him in Canada..?…we and the whole world needs leaders like this man..?

Nini Didi
I am sorry, but y’all think that the USA is the most liberal free country in the world. Scandinavian countries have always been one of the most democratic countries in the world where freedom exist and you have true rational people. These countries have always beaten other countries in this matter. Theres a world outside the US you know. Us Europeans, especially Scandinavian countries have always seen many flaws in how the US operates.

Nathan Wilson
I stand with natural immunity. We were all made perfect in the image of God. Freedom, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is worth fighting for and not a debate.

JMarie Hamilton
i am having trouble getting this feed-the y are scared of losing their handle on us -the truth will win on this and we are coming very close to their collapse.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/state-of-affairs/rand-paul-confronts-hhs-secretary-on-israeli-study-australia-press-conference/

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