Recap for the Week

Recap for the Week

By Malcolm Roberts – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Here’s what others had to say:

Paul Losty
This is a new world order mate needs to taken down.

Justin Mann
My sister-in-law didn’t want it (just yet) but their was no other way in order to progress with her job. I just wish choices were respected and employment wasn’t affected!

Les May
We can’t wait until the next vote, the country is being ruined now. These police powers and mandatory vaccines are out of control- what can happen now.

Rhiannon Rigby
Crimes against humanity is what we should be calling it.

Rosemary Kearney
I feel like crying …. our city/ country is gone forever.

Kylie Hunt
Vaccines are voluntary what the hell is going on no rights no freedom.

Trinity Plewis
I stand with our nurses! Leave them alone! They are the real hero’s.

Bernadette L Waller
A mother wasn’t allowed a C- section without the jab… now has neurological disorders.

Gavin Davis
Many Australians were forced to go to wars, Now forced to jab. The SHRINE stands for ALL. No 1 has a right who a SHRINE represents.

Diane Helen Chiles
The only way out is the people have to stand together and fight ! Stand for freedom.

Alana Mohi
They’re moving to vaccinate babies next.

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