Sack Dan Andrews – Parody Song – Unknown Musician


Sack Dan Andrews – Parody Song – Unknown Musician

By Platform1Melbourne


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Allan Sykes
In the future this song will become famous to the people that know what’s going on & the people that don’t know what’s going on will hate it because it will remind them of being fooled by the puppets. It’s got a very catchy tune, love it.

Michael Schuenemann
Brilliant and very Catchy Song ! Support from all of us here in QLD Australia !!!!

#Col. Star.
Fantastic !! This has to be sung at the rallys and the chorus Line…I can just hear the choir of hundreds thousands singing!!

Melbourne Ground
What an awesome song! Merry Christmas platform1melbourne!

Emily Graham
FANTASTIC!! I think the Four non Blondes have just become the Four non Bonds!! Merry Chrissy and thanks for sharing!!
Emily Liberty.

IT’S not just DAN SCAMMEDYOUS he is just a puppet it goes way higher than that. great song. PEACE!

Mary Adrienne Moore or Less
What a beautiful voice you have. Also a very applicable song for all of us who know the truth. Thank you.

Arvid Vanags
Victorians should sing this together in the hundreds of thousands outside parliament

Well done one of my fav songs of the past made even better

Lee steele
It’s been going on so long that so many people just going along with the government regardless of their long history of criminal activity.

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