Scott Morrison has PUT the Military in charge of vaxxination .. this is martial law

Scott Morrison has PUT the Military in charge of vaxxination .. this is martial law

By Pat Mesiti

Here’s what others had to say: 

Christine McManus
We have been saying this all along, we are now at war, this is WW3 on our basic human rights to choose. We do NOT need a vaccine when there are other methods that work.

Ariel Summers
Where is the Church Pat? I will tell you where they are. The Shepherds, instead of protecting the sheep are leaving them for the wolves. One of the wolves is dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Patricia Karagiorgos
It’s not about making us safe but making us slaves.

Beth Catherine Mathews Beckwith
We conservative Americans are at war with sleepy Joe…the left are prepared to put on us if we fight back including the covid scare.

Beverley Bakker
Praise God for this “Trumpesque” stand..!! I applaud you Pat and stand with you 100% to regain Australia’s sovreignty and our freedom.

Vivienne Dean
This is so perfect Pat, speaking the truth without any rhetoric! Well done.

Lisa Pascoe
Thankyou Pat, at last a Christian leader is speaking out.

Freddie Lutau-Suaesi
Your latter will be greater than the former Patty. Keep stirring the REMNANTS and they will fight with you in these last days.

Kim Adele
Thank you Pat. There are a lot of Christians in my church who think they are going back to normal once they get the jab. I’m praying that God will open their eyes. Amen

Michelle Popovski
I have a video that the govt doesn’t want anyone to see. It’s been deleted off YouTube but I have a copy. I will.send it to you Pat.

Rod Smith
With you Pat 100 % It sickens me to see some many wonderful Aussies following this agenda without questioning for the truth I WILL FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM

Adele Gee
Please don’t vote Labor. I cannot imagine they will be any better but worse at this.
Thank you for speaking up. I will be writing to my parliamentarians.

Anne Deane
I’m afraid that most politicians except for a handful are in with the Un and one world govt wanna bees you can’t tell me Scott Morrison doesn’t know the agenda, most do

Lohnae Kingi-Phillips
Hey Pat Mesiti go into politics you will definitely get voted in. Get rid of this lot.

Pamela Hando
We need to join together to take action as one voice to stop this happening to our freedom. Can military act when we are not at war? But then again we are at war….

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