Senator Gerard Rennick Fights Back Against MSM Misinformation

Senator Gerard Rennick Fights Back Against MSM Misinformation

By Reignite Democracy Australia

Today’s editorial in the Courier Mail claims I am wrong and misinformed about my demands to the PM. So let’s go through it:

1) There is fit and proper compensation scheme. No there isn’t. Payments from the scheme won’t be made until next year. People who cannot work because of their injury from the vaccine need the money now to make ends meet. The scheme covers expenses over $5,000. Why should people have to cover costs up to $5,000 when many were made to take it and told it was safe and effective.

2) For the most part vaccines remain voluntary. Since when was the threat of losing your job, unable to enter stores, go to the gym or cross borders, voluntarily. It’s this kind of double speak that is undermines trust in government.

Good luck trying to resolve liability in the courts. Whoever tries that on will need deep pockets.

3) It may not be mandatory for children to take the vaccine but they are being discriminated against if they don’t take it. I received an email from a father of a 16 year girl last night in NSW who is not allowed to attend her school formal because she is not vaccinated. Over 50,000 children have had COVID in Australia, with only 2 dying with it and both of those had serious comorbidities.

4) The horse has bolted regarding border openings.

No it hasn’t. There are over 10,000 people trying to get back into Queensland right now. Why are Australians being treated as refugees in their own country.

Furthermore because of the High Court ruling last year Premiers have been given the green light to shut down whenever there is a viral outbreak. Does anyone really think, now that they’ve got away with this once they won’t do it again.

The Federal Government needs to uphold the meaning of “free intercourse” in S92 of the constitution to ensure that States never again lock down to suit their political agenda.

The mainstream media have a lot to answer for in peddling misinformation about Covid deaths and vaccine injuries. They should be held to account along with the health bureaucrats and politicians who have put their own interests in front of the people they are meant to serve.

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