Situation Update – America’s Left-Wing Culture of Death and Self-Mutilation Is a Factory for Mass Shooters


Situation Update – America’s Left-Wing Culture of Death and Self-Mutilation Is a Factory for Mass Shooters

By Health Ranger Report

In the wake of the mass shooting yesterday in Uvalde, Texas, we must remember that on the very same day, over 2,700 human babies were murdered in America via abortion factories, according to reliable abortion estimates.

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David Miller
Alex did post that video about the school shooting as a political tool. Was hoping it didn’t happen. And remember, the greatest killers in world history are governments.

Anirika Caza
Seventeen hundred abortions of children are committed in the USA every day. I think we must call for the banning of suction devices, scalpels, and forceps. Those tools, unlike guns, kill far more children than the libtard lunatics want to confront.

Unless you personally know the people involved in this shooting, assume it is yet another psy op, i.e. domestic propaganda for abolishing the 2nd amendment. It is either a filmed production, or if the shooting was for real, the assassin was more than likely a CIA patsy. Already this shooting is getting highly politicized.

Cat Fancier (Catfancier3)
All Kohls employees who are NOT “trannies” should start a class action lawsuit against the company for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Lawless is running the Law. The lawless flood the streets with gang banger repeat killers while old people wait their day in court over J6 guided tour by DC setup artists. Marxism always ends with GENOCIDE.

Official Government reports suggest Authorities are using Monkeypox to cover up the fact the Covid-19 Vaccines cause Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome…..

I suggest that people ALSO need to own and learn to accurately shoot a BOW- A long bow or recurve bow have no fancy moving parts –
Another Item to have and learn to be skilled at- are — sling shots

Klaus Barbie
One of these future days coming, there will be an event so problematic that normal people are going to no longer put up with the crap going on now. Just like the peaceful South Pacific Islanders that went full Hannibal Lecter on the Japanese during the second world war and then returned to being peaceful as if nothing happened, they will exterminate anyone or thing that they perceive to be evil. Since these insane lunatics have made themselves visible they won’t be able to hide when the Neo Puritans unleash Holy Hell on them. There will probably be burnings at the stake, pressings, drownings, crucifixions, hangings, and being buried alive reserved for politicians. When the land has been cleansed it will be back to pre-vampire times and mostly peaceful and prosperous.

in the past i’ve been blocked and/or spammed here on situation update but brighteon said it was disqus and they restored me. now there doesn’t even seem to be any “pending approval” banners and you can edit immediately (YAY !!!) anyone been blocked lately to confirm if disqus censorship is out of the picture?

Hopefully the platforms won’t be shut down because of the power grid.

Texas Bill
ADM Levine (Rachel) went at the same time to an expensive Private High school in Connecticut and was on same football team as GEN Milley!

Victor Triumph
ABC News Photoshopped the lefty looney mass murderering transgender Chicano to make him look like a 100 percent white boy. At least they didn’t put a MAGA cap on his head.

And let’s not forget all the kids dying from the jab. And a lack of toxic formula (which may actually be a life-saving blessing in disguise).

Get your hands on a friendly RFID, disable the robots and drones then cannibalize the parts.

Albert J
Day before Pee Bush got beat down by cornservatives, FBI makes up fake sNews about ISIS wanting to rid us of W Bush. Day of Pee Bush beat down, deep state unleashes an Alphabet mental case to shoot kids.

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