Situation Update, Sep 28, 2022 – All Signs of Nord Stream Pipeline SABOTAGE Lead Back to Ruthless Biden Regime


Situation Update, Sep 28, 2022 – All Signs of Nord Stream Pipeline SABOTAGE Lead Back to Ruthless Biden Regime

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Sabotage

40:33 Conclusion

42:57 Interesting News

49:25 Hurricane Ian

53:02 Dr. Rashid Buttar

– Massive under sea detonation caused Nord Stream pipeline sabotage
– Joe Biden promised to “bring an end” to Nord Stream pipelines
– Russia hater Victoria Nuland promised to HALT pipeline operations
– Sen. Ron Johnson called for “ending it permanently” and preventing any operations
– US Navy underwater explosives team ran drills in the EXACT area in June
– Were drills a cover story for planting explosives?
– Germany’s economy is now DOOMED, and BASF will go offline
– Europe’s supply chain will collapse
– It appears the USA is at war with Europe
– Nord Stream sabotage was act of WAR and TERRORISM against Europe
– Collapse of European industry will collapse banks and currencies
– Dollar keeps getting stronger, USA emerges as remaining industrial power in the west
– Prepare for total collapse of Europe: Famine, freezing, civil unrest, revolutions, currency collapse
– Interview with Dr. Rashid Buttar about vaccine “payloads” that can be remotely activated

Here’s what others had to say:

T 24
The Uniparty criminals are WAY beyond redemption. There’s no chance of “reform” for these Cabal-compromised demons. At the drop of a hat, they will gleefully kill, maim and destroy any and all human goodness and decency. We are learning that there is NO depth to the depravity associated with their relentless quest to secure and maintain absolute power.

Daniel Swatske
Guarantee you Klaus swab the son of Satan was behind the pipeline sabotage these people from the world economic Forum are all devils and would kill their own mother for Satan

Jeremy Williams
I have to personally thank you, Mike Adams, for helping me and my family get excellently prepped over the past 3+ years, since my being red pilled. Grateful and thankful!

I’m also a God
As someone in the pipeline industry, this would have been a helluva job to repair on the surface. I can’t see these repairs completed inside of a calendar year. And that’s me being optimistic.

Now all the Europeans will be pouring across our open border too.

Klaus Barbie
Mike is starting to get it but still does not see the big picture. Like so many he has on the brainwashed blinders. The United States did not blow up the two pipelines. Look behind the curtain and you will see the most evil group in history. The man behind the curtain wears a really small hat. This is not the first rodeo for Israel. They were behind the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty. They were behind operation Gladio. They were behind the destruction of the World Trade Center. And now they are trying to start a global nuclear war so that they can nuke Iran and many other middle eastern countries. With the destruction of Europe they get revenge for being exiled from every European country for pulling the same crap that they are doing right now. Remember that Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and the rest of the gang that started communism in Russia were Jews. The Jewish banker Amschel Rothschild got his revenge on Peter the Great for his refusal to have a central bank in Russia. And now once again Russia has refused to be part of the globalist schemes. Russia, Europe, the United States and the the Middle East are going to be destroyed by being played by the small hat tribe in the shadows. Remember the Samson project. Israel has placed nuclear weapons in every major US city. If Israel goes down they are taking us with them.

The link you and Dr. Buttar make between emotions and causes of cancer is interesting. Hope is, indeed, a factor of wholesome living.

Rist Rocket
The results proved major support for joining Russia among the voters: 99.23% in the Donetsk People’s Republic; 98.42% in the Lugansk People’s Republic; 87.05% in Kherson region and 93.11% in Zaporozhye region approved the decision to join the Russian Federation.

rebel grandma
They warned something would happen on the 24th that everyone would remember where they were. Well 4 days later they have condemned Europe to freezing to death and massive famine! Damn them all!

John H
WHY O WHY wont Mike Adams call out WHY Victoria Nuland is such a genocidal anti-Russian racist? BECAUSE SHE IS J-E-W-ISH.- She was the point ‘man’ on the 2014 coup in Ukraine. Mike is going to have to start IDENTIFYING ENEMIES as to who they actually are, not just the “deep state” or whatever other label he puts on there – they populate a huge amount of Biden’s inner circle. Including Blinken, etc, etc. They control our foreign policy. Does Mike know SPECIFICALLY who was behind 9/11? Specifically? Is he willing to say it??
STOP being so brainwashed by the “Oh you’re an anti-semite” bullsh*tting crowd and start getting to motive here. The patterns are ALL THERE. This has gone far enough. This is going to KILL millions of lives but we are too afraid to call out the j-e-w-i-sh power structure that is trying to annihilate white Christians and European nations. Enough of this insanity. We are AMALEK to them, their arch-enemy. By way of deception thou shalt do war. They are always in the background. The 1 group you cannot speak out against publicly. ENOUGH.

Wonder if we’re going to see European countries break off from the EU and turn to Russia as “economic partner” – that would really be something. And if the US can ship natural gas to Germany, why can’t Russia if Germany makes amends? The west is being dismantled at lightening speed now. Schwab and von der Leyen must be rubbing their hands in glee.


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