Stand Up Australia! Stay Strong

Stand Up Australia! Stay Strong

By Eija Mich

Stand up Australia! Stay strong.

Here’s what others had to say:

Barbara Merritt
⁹nothin false they just trying to hide the truth. The fack checkers have no credibility and they are hired by gov.

Troy Liddle
America Tax dollars funded gain of function research in Wuhan lab.
Fauci had knowledge of this an lied, but yet the entire world followed Fauci an his script.

Maury Jans
Stay strong Aussie s we are with you this is happening here in Canada too globally all this governments are tranrents they don’t control us we are free people there the ones need to be put away in all these camps.

Troy Liddle
What they are doing to us global is unacceptable.

Nick Irwin
I just don’t see the point of explaining all this to the local Police.
He’s Just there to stop the chambers getting stampeded.

Jorge Enrique González Serrano
Las Vacunas Experimentales No Garantizan Nada y las Farmacéuticas No se Hacen Responsables de los Efectos Secundarios Muertes Secuelas y Consecuencias que Ya se Han Presentado en el Mundo.
La Plandemia es el Mayor Engaño y Fraude de los Supuestos Organismos de la Salud OMS FDA CDC CHOFEPRIS Etcétera y las Farmacéuticas Hacia la Humanidad.
Lo que Está Matando a Miles de Millones de Personas son los Protocolos ERRÓNEOS (Ordenes Programadas) de la Supuesta Organización de la Salud OMS.
Las Pruebas PCR Dan Falsos Positivos.
La Plandemia es el Gran Negocio Económicos Políticos de los Organismos de la Salud OMS y la Industria Farmacéutica. Al Igual que los Medios de Comunicación al Servicio de Intereses Mesquinos.

Michael Dee Dee
What he’s saying is right and what the media are saying is wrong and your government is lying to you.

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